Meet Aaron


For Aaron Brennan, it’s always been about service.

For the last 17 years as a Firefighter, Aaron has responded to fires and medical emergencies throughout San Diego and seen the struggles San Diegans face up close. He’s provided life-saving treatment for seniors and people struggling without healthcare, battled major wildfires like the Cedar Fire and the Witch Fire, and has provided care for our homeless population on an almost daily basis. He knows where City Hall is falling short and how to fix it.

Instilled with the values of community and helping others from an early age, service has defined Aaron’s entire career. A Navy Reservist since 1988, Aaron has been recalled to Active Duty several times since 9/11. Prior to serving in the San Diego Fire Department, Aaron was a San Diego City Lifeguard for eight seasons.

With service to others in his heart and soul, Aaron Brennan will never lose sight of who City Hall is supposed to be working for: our neighborhoods and our families. As our Councilmember, Aaron will fight to get the focus at City Hall back on serving the people. He’ll fight for the common sense solutions we need to reduce homelessness, put his public safety experience to work improving emergency services, work to protect our beaches and quality of life, and push for a comprehensive plan to meet the threats of climate change and wildfires.

Active in the community, Aaron has volunteered as a Big Brother for at-risk youth, is an active member of the Veterans’ Democratic Club and San Diego Democrats for Environmental Action, and serves as an elected trustee on the La Jolla Town Council where he’s worked to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods and strengthen ties between the community and law enforcement.

A native of Santa Clara, California, Aaron has lived in San Diego since attending San Diego State University, where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Finance. He and his wife Kim Goodwin, a physician, live in La Jolla with their two young children.

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